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No more
Wading through the memory of you.

On the shoulders of your neighbors the footprints that you left.
In their eyes all the problems you chose to neglect.
Beneath you, the hands and heads of your throne.
Did you really believe that you stood all alone?

Did you really believe that you stood all alone?

This is all we need
Nothing more than what you see.

We're caught between a memory and something never seen.
When will it be that nothing comes between us and our dreams?
Inside the scene the irony is lost on all but me.
Until we breach this great divide no one shall be free.

A new world rises and we're left with something no one can protect.
No disguises for we can see through everything.
Taken beyond their eyes a form of suicide created by their minds to get them by.
Even inside the lie they try to justify why their brothers fall below.

Nothing, no one, can you still deny?

No place, no where, we can run and hide.

Fading are these memories of truth.


from rEvolve, released June 21, 2011



all rights reserved


JUST California


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