This Mourning

from by JUST



Is there love and is there pain
when all the people are insane and mad?
Would you laugh or would you cry
if loneliness was all you ever had?

There is nothing that I can do,
voices crying inside my head,
weeping now for what I have done,
lay me down now upon my bed.

All that has been or ever was
couldn't mend all the broken thoughts
feeling like there is nothing more
opening up and closing doors.

Falling deeper inside this box
cover my eyes because I’m lost
traversing over rocks and sand
this is not what I had planned.

The rain will renew your faith and cleanse your soul.
The winds will blow your thoughts to days of old.

The streets are paved with glass that glows of red.
The sun is falling as we move ahead,
no one here shall pass that's what I said.

All I know is that there is no way back home.
I that know I've been gone for much too long.

There is no place left for me my friend.
This time it feels that I have reached the very end
My soul has, my fears have, their way of soothing me.
In darkness, my sense says, that they are watching me.
I believe you can see what I mean
But could I make you see what you believe?
I can see you believe you are free
But what controls you isn't always seen.

This time it feels like I've lost all control.

Carry me to the sound
Lay me down, lay me down
Hold me deep inside
Don't let me drown, don't let me drown, let me drown...

As time moves on we all must pay the toll
Watching as the wonders of the world go 'round and 'round

Now the tide has begun to turn,
higher now and the lessons learned
the winds will blow and the world turns
but where this life will take me I don't know.


from rEvolve, released June 21, 2011



all rights reserved


JUST California


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