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This is the debut album from the progressive hard rock band Just. The music and lyrics tell the story of a creator whose creation now eludes his reach. What he once thought was his masterpiece has become nothing more than a self destructive society which need only work together to survive, but struggle against one another while waiting for their creator to intercede. "All that has come to pass was once all within my grasp, like a precious grain of sand now lost inside an hour glass..."


released June 21, 2011

All songs written by Just. Recorded by Joel De La Cruz and Johnny Najera. Mixed by Joel De La Cruz. Produced by Johnny Najera



all rights reserved


JUST California


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Track Name: In the beginning...
Time has left me on my own.
Bored with life, tired of what I know.

There's nothing left to feel and there's nothing left to hold,
Everything is dark and everything is cold.

Constantly in search of truth,
I know I'm strong, I just need some proof.

Time is fading and my destiny calls.
The sand falls on my head as I push on closing walls

Sunlight shows me paths I know,
Moonlight makes me feel so cold.

Now I'm going to create life and truth.
I will watch it all play out, no one knows who I am now.
They will make me so proud, my human kind.

Trees, rocks, earth and sky.
Meats, grains, water and fire.
These things to get by.
Lives we can admire.

Arms, legs, feet and eyes.
Thoughts that dwell in minds.
Great big open skies.
Colors of all kinds.

Now I've filled this glass shut the door.
Just give me something more than what I have inside
that gives me life and fills my soul with hopes of something more.
Track Name: Ambit
With my head held high
There's no doubt in my mind
There's no doubt that I will find my peace beside you

As I walk upon this shore the way we did in a dream,
This time I'm left on this shore with nothing more than what I have for you

Just like a rose with no thorns; highs without the lows.
There's no doubt that I have found my peace beside you

As the hours pass me by, you will see our worlds collide
At your feet tides rise and fall with something more than only dreams

Through the storm of life
You will fall behind
And you'll quickly see
This is your destiny.

From new life comes the truth;
No disguise, there's only you.

When you know you have created something that is flawless you reveal your genius to the world.

Flowers bloom and die,
on this earth we'll be,
stars that touch the sky
shine for you and me.

Every time we feel that we have conquered all our evil souls another finds us and we know that all they want is everything

With my head held high
There's no doubt in my mind
There's no doubt in sight
If only for tonight.
Track Name: All that lies within
Beautiful minds, beautiful designs.

How can this be?
So much anger, so much greed.

So full of hope, love and life.
Happiness is found when you work and strive

Yet, you yearn for more; killing, fighting, declaring war.

How did it all come to this?
The ultimate design I think I missed.
I thought it so well, I thought it so fine,
It will not last 'til the end of time.

Things don't always go as planned.
Sinking slowly in the sand.

Thoughts will grow to seeds we sew.
Life unknown, let time unfold the truth.
Track Name: Layers
No more
Wading through the memory of you.

On the shoulders of your neighbors the footprints that you left.
In their eyes all the problems you chose to neglect.
Beneath you, the hands and heads of your throne.
Did you really believe that you stood all alone?

Did you really believe that you stood all alone?

This is all we need
Nothing more than what you see.

We're caught between a memory and something never seen.
When will it be that nothing comes between us and our dreams?
Inside the scene the irony is lost on all but me.
Until we breach this great divide no one shall be free.

A new world rises and we're left with something no one can protect.
No disguises for we can see through everything.
Taken beyond their eyes a form of suicide created by their minds to get them by.
Even inside the lie they try to justify why their brothers fall below.

Nothing, no one, can you still deny?

No place, no where, we can run and hide.

Fading are these memories of truth.
Track Name: The Veil
All alone

Helplessly encaged.
Faithfully they wait.
Endlessly they prey.
No one can be saved.

Show them let them see
Veil lift away
Slaves share the blame
With their chosen kings

On their own
Visions in the sand
A voice uniting man
Upon them he would stand
To occupy their hands

Veil lift away
Before the blind agree
The kingdom they await
Lies beyond their reach.

Therein lies the border where we still divide each other
blame each other for the lies
Leave it inside or compromise but in the end you'll find
they're all just lies.
Everything lies, everything lies, everything bides it's time inside
There is nothing left for me to save
that the winds of time won't blow away.

Reality calls.
Bliss can only blind you for so long.

Creation lies again within reach of all the dreams they sought
Creation dies again at the feet of all the kings above again.
Track Name: This Mourning
Is there love and is there pain
when all the people are insane and mad?
Would you laugh or would you cry
if loneliness was all you ever had?

There is nothing that I can do,
voices crying inside my head,
weeping now for what I have done,
lay me down now upon my bed.

All that has been or ever was
couldn't mend all the broken thoughts
feeling like there is nothing more
opening up and closing doors.

Falling deeper inside this box
cover my eyes because I’m lost
traversing over rocks and sand
this is not what I had planned.

The rain will renew your faith and cleanse your soul.
The winds will blow your thoughts to days of old.

The streets are paved with glass that glows of red.
The sun is falling as we move ahead,
no one here shall pass that's what I said.

All I know is that there is no way back home.
I that know I've been gone for much too long.

There is no place left for me my friend.
This time it feels that I have reached the very end
My soul has, my fears have, their way of soothing me.
In darkness, my sense says, that they are watching me.
I believe you can see what I mean
But could I make you see what you believe?
I can see you believe you are free
But what controls you isn't always seen.

This time it feels like I've lost all control.

Carry me to the sound
Lay me down, lay me down
Hold me deep inside
Don't let me drown, don't let me drown, let me drown...

As time moves on we all must pay the toll
Watching as the wonders of the world go 'round and 'round

Now the tide has begun to turn,
higher now and the lessons learned
the winds will blow and the world turns
but where this life will take me I don't know.
Track Name: Communal
Everything we knew was pure and true,
everything was golden, green and new.
Innocent and bold, the paths we drew.
Nothing in this life we couldn't do.

Now there's clouds above, nothing left to love.
All has gone away.

All decays.
Nothing ever stays.
Count the days.
Take away the pain.
Slowing down.
Spinning 'round and 'round.
Distant light.
Fades into the night.

It's time to make a change.
This life has all at once began to fade.
It's time to turn the page.
This pain is all that I have left to trade.

Swimming in the sinking sands of time.
Nothing has a reason or a rhyme.
Even stars above refuse to shine,
reminding us we only have one life.

These days nothing ever seems the same.
Time makes everything go away.
Search for something that means more.
Than this illusion you can't ignore.

It's time to make a change.
This life has all at once began to fade.
It's time to turn the page.
This pain is all that I have left to trade.

These days no one is left to blame
for this unbound void of emptiness.
Betrayed by my own consciousness.
None of this makes sense anymore.

Everything fades.
All decays.
Count the ways
I've taken all that I've given yet nothing remains.

It's time to make a change.
This life has all at once began to fade.
It's time to turn the page.
This pain is all that I have left to trade.

With every falling grain time slips away.
Take this pain.

These days everything has turned gray.
Sun fades setting on another day.
No more gazing on a distant shore.
Time for opening another door.